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Many models of vanity units With our vanity units, over the clutter in your bathroom. We have vanity units of different styles, traditional or contemporary, wood or metal. You can opt for a sink cabinet with doors and drawers to store away all your toiletries or choose a simple box. Looking for wooden furniture in a natural style? Discover our vanity units wood / wood veneer or solid birch our open items. We have sinks for all models of furniture, simply select your model!

Furniture with built-in washbasin If you prefer, we also have furniture bathroom sink with built-in one or two basins, and styles. They offer plenty of storage space, two or four drawers so that everyone has his. Know that we have many other things for the bathroom accessories to match your furniture to sink but also other cabinets and mirrors. We even have drawer organizers, boxes and baskets to help you store the small things like makeup or jewelry.

2004-12-21 22:55:10 by Mister_S

Remodel our bathroom, how much, how long

Live in an a 100 year old victorian in SF. We have the split bath, with shower/tub and sink in one room, and toilet in seperate room next door. We have seen an identical model of this done, and we want to remodel and make ONE BIG Bathroom.
This entails, removing the shower/bath, moving toilet where tub is; moving shower where toilet is, and moving the sink to opposite wall. Complete retile of floor and walls, and some nice fixtures, cabinets etc. Its not a huge space, but obviously this will take some time and some money...just a rough ball park figure on how long a project like this takes, and how much money?
It is our only bathroom, so maybe we need to plan a vacation to get things in running order...thank you.

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  • Avatar recycle b What would be the cost to put in a new bathroom sink with other accessories?
    Feb 20, 2011 by recycle b | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    My bathroom has an old sink that needs to be replaced. At the same time, the faucet and related items would be replaced.
    If I hired a handy man what would be the estimated cost to me for removing the old and putting in a new sink with all the related items including labor and parts?
    What would be the estimated cost if a plumber did the job?

    The new sink would not be anything fancy, just a standarized sink that would be used in a condominium.


    • Depending On How Much Remodel You Are Planning On Doing, Entire Bathroom All Fixtures Replaced (Sink, Toilet, Tub, Shower, Accessories, Flooring, Etc.) Done By Yourself & Handyman, $2,000-$3,000 & $4,000-$5,500 If Done By A Contractor.
      (Keep In Mind If You Use A Licensed Contracto …mp; Vanity, Including Some Minor Plumbing Work, Yourself & Handyman, $450-$650 & $650-$1,000 If Done By A Contractor.
      Again The Cost Of The Fixtures & Accessories You Choose Can Effect The Cost Majorly.

      "Gods Speed.......................Best Of Luck !"

  • Avatar justasking Can you find a completely white or white with brass bathroom liquid soap dispenser?
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    I want a soap dispenser that will sit on my bathroom sink. I have not been able to find one that would match my bathroom. I have a mostly white bathroom with touches of mint and brushed brass fixtures. Most soap dispensers I have found have chrome tops or come with a design. 10 points to whoever can find one online. Thanks.
    The United States. AZ.

    • Im sure if you went to one of those BED , BATH, And BEYOND places you will find almost anything!!! or a target type store!!!