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Complete range for every bathroom
Geberit offers a complete range of stylish siphon for washbasin, with direct siphons, recessed and tubular.

Easy cleaning and durability
To ensure a long service life and corrosion protection, the Geberit traps are made of high quality synthetic. They are very durable and easy to clean. The Geberit washbasin siphons can be combined with electronic faucets bathroom standard surface finishes and are available in polished chrome and whi.

Designed for a perfect flow
The Geberit washbasin siphons are designed for optimized flow. Geberit uses among other things, a computer simulation technology for the continuous development of its products. The siphons for washbasin therefore ensure a high discharge capacity, in addition to a substantial self-cleaning action against the obstructions.

The siphons are Geberit built a solution aesthetically beautiful, practical and efficient discharge of the basin. Our range of flexible and adjustable sanitary allows the installer to easily adapt to any structural situation. All that remains visible of the siphon is supplied in the cover design that covers the inlet fitting to the siphon flush and that can be easily removed for maintenance.

The siphons direct Geberit mask the body of the siphon with a stylish cylindrical design. Therefore can be elegantly integrated into modern trendy bathrooms with two finishes to choose from, polished chrome or white.

The Geberit siphon tubes are the classic solution easier and more convenient for the discharge of wash basins and surface finishes are available in polished chrome and white.

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2005-06-29 11:03:45 by tool-geek

Depends on faucet brand

Looks similar to the metal insert on my Kohler crescent bathroom faucet. Use the mirror and needle-nose pliers to pull it out. Probably one of those annoying little parts you can only get at the plumbing supply house that handles that brand. (been there done that :-)
Most kitchen faucets I've dealt with (various brands) have threaded spouts for the filter.

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