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Megabad, the bathroom professional on the internet when it comes to the organization and equipment of their bathroom.Washbasins,toilets,bidets,urinals,bathroom furniture,bathtubs,shower trays,shower enclosures,faucets and accessories in beautiful shape and high quality of famous brand manufacturers at affordable prices.Our online shop offers a wide selection of shapes,materials,sizes and colors.
Here you can see 4 continuous series of Megabad fittings for all applications in the suite,designed and functionally stimulating at all pragmatics: universality and efficiency in brass.

Compact than Megabad you will not find all the ways to listen to sprinkle with water,either from a rain shower,or from one of our handheld showerheads,or conveniently from one of our shower sets with 3-way adjustable hand shower.

The original question of the design of the basic form reappears: round or square?Circle or square?But that is left to your taste - Megabad bathroom accessories offer both.And they are solid and unfussy design,Berreit for the practical test in your bathroom.

For rounding the modern bathroom furniture, we recommend these with coated surfaces and bar handles.You can opt for a Badmöbelset with mirror cabinet and gain maximum storage space is the same,of course,you can put together your own combinations of furniture.

Megabad bathtubs and whirlpools in top quality from German production.Made from the pleasant to the touch and lightweight sanitary acrylic.Available with smooth or rounded back rests and from 75 cm to 170 x 190 x 90 cm measuring.Rechteckbadewannen im Online Shop

Megabad German brand manufacturer of shower trays, made ​​in top quality Made of lightweight but durable sanitary acrylic.In all common shapes such as rectangular,square and quarter circle,and also the perfect complement to Megabad shower enclosures.

A shower drain is indisputably the most elegant way to let disappear the shower water.With lengths from 50 to 120 cm and minimal installation depth,we offer the ultimate in versatility and performance.

Megabad shower enclosures are easy to install shower enclosures with an adjustment in the wall profile of 2 cm.As standard they are equipped with Heb-/Senk-Mechanismus with 200 cm high real glass elements and internal glass flush hinges.All shower enclosures are made ​​of crystal glass with easy pearl coating for easier cleaning. 100% "Made in Germany" brand of manufacturers.

The levels of the two series architect 100 and Classic 100 play with the edges that are either polished or honed different and trimmed with wood.The Classic 100 mirrors are not illuminated,the architect mirror 100 and brighten himself as architect series 100 aluminum with energy-saving LEDs.

From 45cm to 125cm slim Exclusive 100 wide architect 200 mirror cabinet you get all sizes.The doors are partly inside mirror with switch and socket inside.All mirror cabinets are illuminated from above.

These are good and practical kitchen taps to basin edge assembly that you have placed in the water to where you need it.Therefore,depending on the model with swivel and / or pull-out spout with Spülkopfbrause.

2012-10-25 13:36:52 by mrdesign2

I've never heard of a 3-piece 4"

Widespread bathroom sink faucet. Not impossible, but must be impractical regarding cleaning and care. I didn't look up model #'s but seems fairly easy to connect valves to spout w/same size tubing of any length. Many times std 7/16" chrome plated brass supply tubing works using original nuts and ferruls and possibly bent w/bending tools to fit like some upper-end 3 piece faucets are designed. 7/16" supply tubing above is also std pro supply tubing from angle stop to valves properly bent and beaded w/captive washer and nut each end so nuts can't possibly be pulled off ends of tubing. Plastic or extremely thin corrugated brass supply tubing is crap in my opinion

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    I cleaned mine with salt, flour, and vinegar. Then baking soda and vinegar. Does anyone have any more ideas? They have a white residue on them now. I used a toothbrush to clean them.

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      To shine brass bathroom fixtures, use lemon and salt. Dip a lemon half in salt and rub it over your brass fixtures. Follow this by wiping the fixtures with a clean cloth. Another option is to mix vinegar, flour and salt into a paste. Rub the paste on the b …/> ]

      Clean Brass:
      To clean brass combine one-quarter cup of salt in enough vinegar to dissolve the salt. Add flour to make a paste.

      Polish Brass:
      Polish brass with Worcestershire sauce and then brighten by rubbing with olive oil after each polishing.