Kohler Bathroom Sinks Parts

sanitary and hardware for vanity

1. I chose a Mahogany wood for the construction of the vanity to give a lot of warmth to the room which, with its shades of blue dominant, normally tend to cool a space.

The Mahogany wood is Mahogany, well known for its color varies from pinkish brown to dark red, with satin sheen. He believes naturally in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and is also found on the African continent and more rarely in South America.

2. Sink KOHLER, Home Depot $ 248.32

3. Kohler faucet, sink Home Depot, $ 494.40

4. Cabinet Knob # 870045140, Richelieu, price on request

accessories for vanity

1. Paintings by the artist GABRIELLA COLLIER, framing
2. Bowls APOTHECARY CLEAR, Pier 1 Import, $ 48 and $ 69
3. Mirror NARCISSUS house area, $ 225
4. Quick pendant chain # 229224, Union lightning and home, 1137.50
5. Accessories bathroom Hotel, Linen Ches t, $ 154.75
6. Flower pot TULIP

health and overall hardware

1. Bath on white acrylic leg, Vintage tub and bath, $ 1972.00

2. Clawfoot bathtub faucet ACRITEC, Home depot, $ 1, 184.40

3. One-piece toilet, Kohler, Home depot, $ 467.43

4. Toilet paper dispenser MOEN, Home depot, $ 34.99

5. Shower Faucet DELTA T17453, Faucetdirect.com $ 237.47
6. KOHLER Towel Rings, Home depot, $ 136.36

7. Storage cart on wheels, HERMAN STRATUS, Kitchen stuff more, $ 69.00

1. Towels, KALVIN CLEIN, The Bay from $ 13.50
2. Mat bath robe, MOSAIC, Simons $ 20
3. Chair, GHOST, Kitchen stuff more $ 99.99
4. Jars of storage, NICOLE BATH, Kitchen stuff over $ 19.99 \ 3
5. Silk curtain panel, PEARL color, Pier 1 imports $ 64.88 t \ panel


KOHLER Kohler GP1037022-CP Pop-Up Stopper with Metal Stem
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Kohler Genuine Part
  • Metal stem
  • Used in premium Kohler product
2006-05-02 00:47:19 by wanderin3

Kohler Spa Tub

I had a Kohler Spa Tub installed in my bathroom remodel. It was about $800 and I absolutely love it. I also got a Kohler toilet to be sure all the "Kohler whites" matched. Very white. However, the plumber said Kohler shower fixtures are very difficult to install. They have different threads and stuff and plumbers all hate Kohler fixtures. Just something I thought you'd like to know. Good luck with your remodel.

2004-12-12 16:46:31 by Cheap_or_at_least

Kohler Purist Vanity & Countertops - where 2 get

Can anyone recommend a vendor that sells KOHLER bathroom 'furniture' and fixtures cheap or at least at a discount?
I really like the Purist line but the list pricing for their vanities/countertops/medicine cabinets/etc. is astronomical.
I am in the SF Bay Area. Scratch and dents are OK. Please let me know.

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KOHLER Kohler GP1035350-CP Lavatory Sink Drain with Overflow for Most Faucets
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Kohler Genuine Part
  • Drain with overflow
  • Chrome Plated
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