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KOHLER Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Flapper with A Float Used In Various Two-Piece Toilets
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Kohler Genuine Part
  • Fit's various two piece toilets
  • Blue with float
2005-02-09 10:38:35 by zpper

When you buy a new enamel on cast

Fixture they supply you with a little bottle of touch up paint. So I would assume they work just fine for spot coverage.
Color is up to you, but I would try a dealer for someone like Kohler plumbing fixtures,
Ok it's Kohler Part #500306** Touch-up Paint [must give color when ordering** Have the guy look up the double digit code for white/ivory]
Good luck.

2006-05-22 13:15:12 by thisCameFrom

Here's a link there are many more where

GOOGLE BABY or Yahoo shopping or something.
BTW most all plumbing fixtures from all manufacturers are made in China, Vietnam, Mexico and other places where they don't have to pay people a living wage.
Toto Drake Kohler Cimarron one piece are among the least expensive toilets that flush well.
Hope that helps,

2005-01-31 02:52:45 by zpper

Search for "Pella and Marvin windows" then you

Can search "hardwood flooring parquet flooring". Check carpet manuf. sites, Berber etc., just to get an idea what is out there.
Then for some nice plumbing fixtures.
Also for some cabinet looks and materials, finishes.
Next are period looking ceramic tile floors " luck.

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“Carrier HVAC, Whirlpool appliances, and Kohler plumbing fixtures are just a few of the superior products that will be included in the house. It will also be Energy Star-certified,” she said.

KOHLER KOHLER K-11352-BN Disposal Flange, Vibrant Brushed Nickel
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Solid construction for trouble-free use
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect color match with KOHLERand#174 finishes
  • Includes Disposal Flange and Stopper
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