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HOME >> Tips >> casual modern style The modern style of the new millennium inspired by the past. Modern decor offering extreme angles, geometric shapes and cubic accessories have evolved. The style of the 21st century is inviting with its delicate patterns, soft lines and simple details: it provides freshness and comfort.

"The modern decor is casual and represents the philosophy of the future, " says Judy Riley, vice president of design at Moen. "It is beyond current trends and says so pleasant and confident while remaining fresh and current. Its style is timeless, its lines are clean and simple, and its environment is spacious and clean. Modern casual approach will also be great in ten years as it is today. "

To incorporate a touch of modern casual style in your home, follow these tips:

• The light colors are ideal for this kind of decor.

• If you like the wallpaper, choose small patterns that harmonize well with the soft colors of the painting.

• The flooring should be parallel to the walls more neutral, comfortable for the feet and easy to maintain.

• For lighting, make the most of natural light from windows and skylights. For accent lighting, try small suspension and wall lights that illuminate the room with a soft diffused light.

• The furniture should be relaxed and comfortable. The modular assemblies with modular seating, sofas and soft chairs are popular. One of the interesting aspects of the casual look is its versatility - it is not necessary to arrange all the contrary!

Once you have begun to incorporate this approach to decorative your home, you can focus on certain parts. Start with the rooms where you spend the most time, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

• In the kitchen, the emphasis must be on the table. All forms are incorporated well in a casual modern decor. However, a solid wood table is not only beautiful but it is durable and easy to clean. You can also opt for a table with glass top.

• In the bathroom, put the emphasis on the corner sink and faucets to let the show. For a sleek and stylish design that will blend with modern style sink, choose the valve lever ShowHouse Fina. With its soft and graceful lines, its oblong high arc spout, lever handle and its base to modern contours, this valve also has a flow-optimized aerator that keeps water.

2007-02-11 20:23:38 by toconnect

Why the hell cant I get my faucet

To the damn water hoses? I recently purchased 4 new Moen bathroom faucets and instead of having copper feeder lines with brazed or soldered on male threaded pieces I have 16 inches of soft copper tubing. This tubing is 3/8th outer diameter. I have tried compression fittings from L...ompression fittings say they are 3/8 but they are several thousandth's bigger than my copper pipe and the compression nut literally ovals before it will get tight enough to seal. I tried getting solder on fittings but there doesn't appear to be the correct parts at Lowes or HD. I am pissed off to no end with my friggen multiple trips to the god damned store and I can't even hook a damn faucet up

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    Sep 03, 2007 by bomowashere | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I understand I need a special Moen tool to remove the cartridge from a tub faucet.

    I can't remove the screw that goes through the center of the plastic faucet handle. It's a single-handle faucet that has broken.

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    • Call Moen. They have an 800 number and they are also happy to help. Moen also has a lifetime warrantee on all of their products.

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    • If you are talking about the tear drop shaped handles that you turn left for hot, right for cold, pull out to turn on, and push in to turn off I don't think you can replace that kind because of the cartridge design.