Plumbing and Fixtures

installing plumbing

The installation of medical equipment is a big part of the work of health plumber.
Our company is installing your plumbing fixture whatever it is by professional installers.
Generally we perform the installation and installation of:

  • For Bathroom and Toilet
  • Wash facility
  • Laying washing hands
  • Shower Installation
  • Implementation bath
  • Installation and repair WC (mill, urinal, macerator, flush ...)
  • For Kitchen
      Replacing kitchen sink
    • Installation fittings (mixer tap)
    • Renovation of water discharge
  • Other
      Boiler change
    • Repair water heater / hot water / resistance
    • Renovation pipes
  • Our plumbing rates are competitive in Paris through an effective partnership with the wholesale sector.
    You can contact us for a free estimate for plumbing through our quotes.

    During the period July and August the work of maintenance facilities and depannages be insured by the Corporation Dépan'air: 01 40 09 71 02

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    2013-01-20 16:09:53 by medanielson

    How much you got????

    With plumbing and fixtures,, you never know what's behind a wall or under a floor. How much you spend STARTS with what materials and features do you want, but may end with whether modifications to plumbing or structure needs done. A rotten floor under your tub could add 200-1000 to the job. The cheaper route sometimes is to just supply the materials and hire a handyman and pay him by the hour. (get recommendations first). Good luck

    2013-07-07 10:21:51 by Catnipcomic1

    The plumbing was there, but with antique fixture

    Fixtures and the tub barely drained (mineralization of the pipes which were from the 1920's according to the plumber who came to fix something). I think you could sell the fixtures for a decent antique value, but everything inside the walls was unreachable unless you tore stuff apart.
    They were selling the building just before I left and the old owner was extremely reluctant to bring it up to city code. The electrical had been updated (you should have see those old 1920's cloth wrapped wires, smoldered in places!) in the early 1980's when I was there.

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      Sep 03, 2007 by bomowashere | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

      I understand I need a special Moen tool to remove the cartridge from a tub faucet.

      I can't remove the screw that goes through the center of the plastic faucet handle. It's a single-handle faucet that has broken.

      The screw rotates either left or right when I turn it with a screwdriver, but it won't loosen.

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      • Call Moen. They have an 800 number and they are also happy to help. Moen also has a lifetime warrantee on all of their products.

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      • If you are talking about the tear drop shaped handles that you turn left for hot, right for cold, pull out to turn on, and push in to turn off I don't think you can replace that kind because of the cartridge design.